World Famous Since 1952

An Iconic L A Landmark

It’s gettin’ a lil chilly over here ☃️ 

But that’s not stopping anybody from running to the nearest Randy’s to grab some of these festive treats 🏃‍♀️😍

We’re only kindaa obsessed 🥰

Only through December! While supplies last 🎄
We’re stakin’ toppings, then drizzling more toppings 🥰

Maple Raised w/ Churros 😍

Your Randy’s Sunday inspo 😌
Bring us back to our last US Grand Openings 😍

Vegas ❤️ Riverside ❤️ Costa Mesa ❤️ Burbank ❤️

Big news coming soon 🥳

Where next? 🤫
It’s officially the last month of 2022 🫢 and we’ve barely been able to contain our Festive Spirits 🥳🎁🎄 

So we’re dropping our Holiday Sprinkles Raised Donuts 🍩 And serving them all December long 🥰

& obviously even more festive treats coming later this month 🥶

All US locations, only while supplies last 😍
Nothing like a fresh Glaze coat on a perfectly fluffy, airy donut 🤤

There’s a reason why we haven’t changed our recipe in decades 😌
Filling the rest of the week with sweet sweet goodness 🤤

That’s what we’re here for 🥰
Did you know? 🧐

Our Inglewood location is not the only place to get Late-Night Randy’s 🥰

Downey, Costa Mesa (Harbor), & Vegas are also open 24 hours 🍩🍩🍩

Stop by or order online at Randysdonuts.olo.com 🤩

& don’t forget to sign up for Randy’s Rewards! ❤️

We’re dipping into something special starting Thursday 🥰

Then sprinkling 😍 then drizzling ❤️

Festive treats coming to you all December long 🎄🍩
Weekend line-up 😍 We have a way of just making weekends sweeter 🥰 

Make sure you try to share! 😌 Key word, “Try” 😜
Sitting back and nursing the food coma? Or dashing into stores trying to get that TV for 2.5% off? 😜

Either way, we’ve got weekend munchies covered 😍

🍩 @losttikigirl